Church Gate Collections

Church Gate Collection

Most of the points above relate Church Gate Collections as well as the following.

1 Get Permission

If collecting on the street, one needs a permit and if collecting on the Church grounds, one needs permission from the Priest. Ask the Priest if he can mention your collection during the Mass. Have a collector at each door of the church as well as the front gate.

2 Collect After the Mass 
Most priests prefer if you collect after the mass rather than before the mass. Also, if you collect before and after the mass, than a person may come out after the mass and say that they ahve given before the mass when they actually didn't!!

3 Create Awareness 
If you are collecting after the mass, it is critical to create awareness of the collection before people go into the mass. The easiest way to do this is by placing posters around the church and at the doors. This will give people a chance to reflect on what they want to give rather than being surprised by the collection when they walk out of the mass.

4 Make it Easy to Give 
We would recommend that you use the Easy Drop Slot Unit for Church Gate Collections. You only hae a couple of minutes to get donations after each mass, so by using the Easy Drop Slot Unit, people can just drop money onto the lid and the donation will slide into the bucket, so there is no delay in giving and less holding up of other potential donors.

5 Collect at all the masses 
While there may be very dew parishioners going to the 8.30am mass on a Sunday morning, it is very advisable to be there to collect from them. In our experiences, a high proportion of people will donate at the early morning masses.

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