Street Collections

Street Collections

1.  Apply for a Permit
You are legally required to have a permit from the Gardai to collect in public places. Generally this will come from a local Garda station which has a Chief Superintendent. You should apply several months (if not a year) in advance of your proposed dates.

2.  Use Tamper Evident Collection Units
While this may add an extra cost to the collection, you are bound by the permit regulations to have your collection box tamper evident. Also, it makes a good impression with the general public, as they will know that every cent given will go to the charity.

Of course, if you don't know your collectors personally, this is a must, as you will want to insure that no money goes missing.

3.  Don't Rattle, ASK
We have all heard the rattle of the collection box before, and it can be very annoying. Instead ask people would they like to help. Catch their eye and smile. It will make a big difference to your collection. Remember to say "Thank You".

5.  Where to Collect - Less can be more
The busier the street the higher the chance the collector can be missed. Choose a less busy street or the top /bottom of the busy street, this makes it easier to focus on each passer-by. Also, place yourself near shop doors, train ticket booths at train stations etc. as the public will have their wallet to hand.

6.  Create Awareness
Creating awareness around you will be very beneficial. Place a poster stand close by and posters maybe on street lights ten to fifteen meters away from the collector. This will help the public know what they are supporting, thus they can be prepared to donate. Also, it adds legitimacy to the collection.

7.  Make Yourself Visible
Make sure your collector stands out from the crowd by using a tabard or bib with the charities details printed on it. You can also mention what the charity does as a lot of people might not necessarily know what you but they are willing to help particular types of charities.  Also by wearing bibs / tabards you adding legitimacy to the collector.

8.  Let the public know that you are volunteering
If your collectors are volunteers, make sure that you let the public know this. The public will generally give more to a volunteer. So have this mentioned on your signs and on the bibs that your collectors are wearing.


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