Garda Permits

A Garda Permit is required to collect cash donations from the public and is issued under the Street and House To House Collections Act, 1962.

When is a permit required?

(a) Collecting in public places such as streets
(b) Seeking donations by collecting house to house
(c) Collecting outside a church grounds

When is a permit not needed?

(a) Colelcting inside the grounds of a Church or other place of worship (NB You will need permission from the priest)
(b) Placing counter top collection units in shops and pubs
(c) Doing a bag pack in a supermarket

How to apply for a permit?

An application needs to be made to the Chief Superintendent of the local Garda Division office. This might not be the local Garda Station.

The ICTR has put together a good fact sheet on seeking a Garda Permit - click here to view it.

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