Street Units

All our Street Collection Units are in line with the new regulations which requires them to be Tamper Evident. We are the only Irish company which adheres to these regulations. All the units are individually numbered at NO extra cost. The units use either our exclusive Tamper Evident Labels or our Individually Numbered Security Ties

All prices EXCLUDE VAT @ 23% and delivery.

Easy Drop Slot Units

The Easy Drop Slot Unit is ideal for Church Gate Collections, concert and game collections. Complies with the Charity Regulations 2009. Priced from €3.25 to €6.95. 

Pricing and Ordering

Hand Chalice Unit

This Hand Chalice is a classic light weight and easy to hold design. It comes in white, red and blue.Priced from €3.00 to €5.95. 

Pricing and Ordering

Our Clients

Myasthenia Gravis Association

We were delighted to receive our order of counter boxes which are eye catching and very well produced