Hand Chalice Unit

    Hand Chalice Unit

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    Vinyl Label€3.45€1.95€1.75€1.25€0.85€0.65
    Tamper Pack€0.25€0.25€0.20€0.20€0.15€0.15

    This Hand Chalice is a classic light weight and easy to hold design. It comes in both red and blue.

    The Hand Chalice is 23cm in height with a diameter of 9cm.

    SIZE: SIZE: H23cm x D9cm
    DESIGN: Included in price and includes ONE iteration. Fee of €15 per subsequent iteration.
    PRINT: Full colour waterproof vinyl label.
    BLANK: Can be sold with or without print.

    This product is excluded from the PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.

    EXCLUDES: VAT @ 23% and delivery

    Vinyl Label
    Tamper Pack
    price includes VAT

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