Easy Drop Slot Units

Easy Drop Slot Units

From €3.75
5 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 - 249250 - 499500 - 1000
Vinyl Top Label€2.20€1.00€0.90€0.80€0.65€0.60€0.50
Vinyl Main Label€2.95€1.95€1.35€1.15€0.90€0.80€0.75
Tamper Pack€0.70€0.70€0.70€0.55€0.55€0.55€0.55

Complies with the Charity Regulations 2009

The Easy Drop Slot Unit is ideal for street, bag pack, Church Gate, concert and game collections. Donors can drop a handful of change on the top of the unit and it will slide down into the bucket, thus increasing the amount donated and increasing the number of donors who can donate.

The lid is attached on to the base using two uniquely numbered security ties. To ensure the unit is tamper evident, two tamper evident labels are placed on the lid so that it adheres to the regulations.

If you order labels, they come separate to the unit. If you require the labels placed on the unit, please enquire when placing your order for the costs involved.

Other colours are available ex stock for orders above 100 units (+30%), please use the enquiry option.

Emergency orders can be turned in a couple of days subject to stock.

TAMPER PACK: Includes 2 uniquely numbered cable ties and 2 tamper evident labels
SIZE: H250mm x W230mm
DESIGN: Included in price and includes ONE iteration. Fee of €15 per subsequent iteration.
PRINT: Full colour waterproof vinyl label. Print area: 140mm x 210mm
BIG VOLUMES: Prices as low as €2.95 with 6 wks lead time
BLANK: Can be sold with or without print.

EXCLUDES: VAT @ 23% and delivery

Vinyl Top Label
Vinyl Main Label
Tamper Pack
price includes VAT

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the response of personnel to their use of the buckets was very positive. They felt comfortable to hold, and for long periods of time – therefore happier personnel